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As one of the world's leading independent ebook retailers, we are also book lovers. Our team is here to make sure you have the best eReading experience possible, whether you read on your computer screen, tablet, mobile phone, or dedicated eReader.

eBookMall was founded in 1999, making us one of the most experienced ebook retailers. Since the very beginning we have been dedicated to offering our customers the broadest eBook selection possible.

Products and Services


eBookMall now offers over 400,000 eBooks in ePub and PDF formats. Our ordering system is simple and secure. We've provided an ample amount of instructions on how to order because we understand that eBooks are a new technology and not everyone has had experience with ordering them. We think the number of people who read eBooks will increase as everyone realizes how simple eBooks are to use and how many benefits they have.

eReaders and Accessories

eBookMall is proud to be able to sell eReaders and accessories. These are excellent eReading devices that are affordable and fun to use.

eBook Publishing

Authors and publishers can have their books converted to eBook format at eBookMall. If you already have your books in eBook format, eBookMall offers easy ways for you to list them at eBookMall for sale. See our Publish page for details.

What are eBooks?

eBooks are books that are available in digital format. eBooks are not meant to replace paper books. Instead, eBooks provide an alternate reading choice for lovers of technology. eBooks offer a new dimension to the written word, allowing books to be distributed and enjoyed much more easily. eBooks are ordered online and downloaded to your computer. You save money with no shipping costs and lower prices.

eBookMall offers eBooks in the industry standard formats ePub and PDF. Take a look at our eReading Devices and eBook Reader Software pages to determine which eBook format is best for you. If you're new to eBooks, visit How To Buy eBooks to get started.

How To Contact Us

For questions concerning eBook and eReader orders, go to Customer Service.

For questions related to publishing or selling your eBooks at eBookMall, go to Publishing Services.

Customer service manager: Bonnie Martin
Customer service questions: Customer Service
eBook sales and publishing: Publishing Services

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